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The ‘need’ for an SIA licence would be any individual or company that offers security services. However, it’s worth noting that you do not legally need to have an SIA licence if you are not working as a security officer. For example, if the only role for your company is to look after keys or any other non-security related activity, you will not need an SIA licence. However, even if you don’t require an SIA license, it is still worth having one as it will provide you with a ‘badge’ of credibility within the industry. You have to have an SIA licence for any roles involving ‘key holding’ or door supervision. Still, there are also general requirements you must follow if you work as a security officer.

WARNING: You need to pass SIA criminal record checks. If you live outside the UK or have to the UK as a student or have spent six continuous months or more outside the UK in the last five years, you need to provide evidence of overseas criminal record checks.

Who can apply for an SIA licence?

You are over 18 years old

You hold the valid SIA training qualification

You have documents to prove your identity

You have the right to work in the uk

SIA Licence Cost

The cost of applying for an SIA Licence is £190. If you already hold a valid SIA Badge you can apply for another at a discounted rate. The costs of the SIA card is non-refundable, so ensure that you have all the necessary documentation and correct licences before applying.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How much does SIA security get paid in the UK?   

Depending on field experience, the salary bracket for an SIA security guard is between £21,500 and £27,000, averaging at £24,450 per year. SIA licensed security personnel with to earn higher than average, starting from £12 - £15 per hour.

How to write an application for a security job?   

Security jobs are professional positions. Officers are expected to conduct perimeter patrols, monitor and analyse CCTV feeds, protect companies’ assets from theft and respond to alarms and emergencies. Given the nature of the job, organisations only consider applications that appear serious and professional. Whether you are a student studying at an institute or a veteran with decades of experience, you need to compose two documents for a professional application: a cover letter and your CV.

Start your application with a well-crafted ‘cover letter’ briefly explaining how you are a good fit for the position. Describe your most recent job, what your responsibilities were and don’t forget to mention any interesting stories you may have while working as a security officer. Conclude your cover letter with something that reaffirms your confidence and intention to work at the organization. End the letter with a ‘call to action’, a couple of concise lines that prompt the company to respond to your application.

Next is your CV. You will need to detail your professional experiences, relevant training, education, and contact details. You can organize the information in ‘bullets’ with clear headings. Once complete, make sure you read through your cover letter and CV to ensure there are no ‘typos’ or spelling mistakes.

How to get a job as a security guard?   

  • Obtain a high school degree or an equivalent certificate. All security guards need to be at least 18 years of age with a high school diploma or an equivalent certification.
  • In the UK, all security officers need to have an SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence, commonly referred to as a “badge”. Security officers have different functions, each requiring a specific license. For a complete listing of functions and licences, click here.
  • Once you have your desired badge, you can look for security positions and apply.

He process is quite simple at

Step 1: Register yourself with and make an online profile

Step 2: Upload your SIA Badge and a couple of other required documents

Step 3: Look for a shift you would like to do - book it and you are done

Why is job security important to workers?   

The post-COVID world continues to recover socially and economically from the pandemic. Finding jobs that are secure, sustainable, and decent remains a challenge. Amidst this world, job security means, that an employee has reasonable confidence that their job(s) will continue to be a source of a decent livelihood for them, for a conceivable period. believes this is important since a sense of contentment is linked with productivity. The confidence that job security brings, means they do not have to worry about looking for an alternate source in an environment with high unemployability rates and cut-throat competition.

What is the highest paying job in security?   

The highest-paid security role is a ‘Close Protection Officer’ and on the other side of the spectrum are ‘Security Guards’ making £9.80 per hour. The average per hour wage of different roles in the security industry is as follows:

  • Close protection Officers: £20
  • Door supervisor £11.70
  • CCTV Control Operator: £11.28
  • Keyholders: £11.28
  • Security Guard: £9.80

How much is an SIA badge?   

It costs £190 to apply for 1 licence. All licences last for 3 years – except for a vehicle immobiliser licence, which lasts for 1 year.

You may need to apply for more than 1 licence. If so, we will apply a discount of 50% to the additional licences. This means that:

  • The first licence will cost £190
  • Each other licence will cost £95

Can I do SIA course online?   

You can apply for an SIA licence online by yourself or through your employer. You will need to create an SIA online account . There are different roles in the security industry, each requires the candidate to have undergone specific training. As part of your SIA licence, you will need to submit certificates from these training along with your application. Without these certificates, your application for an SIA licence may not be successful.

What is cost of an SIA licence?   

The licence application cost is £190. This is paid directly to the SIA, the licensing authority for the security industry.

How long is the SIA licence valid for?   

A newly issued SIA licence is valid for 3 years.

Who needs an SIA licence?   

The roles that you can undertake will depend on which SIA licence you have. A holder of an SIA CCTV Licence can watch public images but can’t work as a security guard. In the same way a holder of an SIA Door Supervisor licence can’t work as a CCTV Operative.

How long does it take to get an SIA licence?   

It can take 25 working days to process a licence application. In some cases, this can take up to 6 weeks due to additional security checks.

Can I work in the security industry without an SIA licence?   

It is illegal to work in the security industry without an SIA Licence. However, some employers can qualify for exemptions under Section 4(4) of the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

What checks are done when applying for an SIA licence?   

The SIA will check the course qualification, identify and criminal background during the licence application process.

Can I apply for an SIA licence without passing the course?   

You may apply for a non-frontline SIA licence without passing the course. For all frontline roles such as Security Guarding, Door Supervisor, CCTV Operator, Close Protection etc you must pass the course before applying for the licence.

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